Friday, February 8, 2013

Good mistakes.

How can you tell which mistake is good which is bad? How can you tell which cupcake is delicious which isn't? By tasting it. Bitter or bland taste in your mouth and you quite sure neither mistake or cupcake is good. Though with mistakes things always get a little bit tricky. As things with cupcakes.
When I agreed to try to bake them my imagination got very busy by painting a masterpiece of getting gorgeous little cakes with delicious twirled butter cream hats on top and some little yet very elegant decorations. The only thing missing in that visions was the branch and birds singing. That's the problem with masterpieces in your head they usually are hoax. A smoke curtain for the part of your brain which tries to think realistically while the imaginary one tries to sell a fake dream. By now you probably have an idea what's going on. Things didn't went like I imagined. I was like a collector with a copy of masterpiece. 

I'm not sure what went wrong with my butter cream but it wasn't fluffy, it didn't hold and most definitely wasn't good enough, I would say far from that, very far. I was close to throwing a towel and admitting that I can't do it and that for getting everything right I need to bake a lot of cupcakes and it wasn't the distance I was ready to go. But I didn't gave up yet.
They begged to be beautiful and beautiful I gave. 'Fondant!', spreading my arms wide and looking at the sky. It was the first time I made it and was happily surprised that it's consistency was almost like clay. So it meant less sleep and more fun in the kitchen. I guess there is no point in mentioning that my trying batch cupcakes had a little more trouble than failed butter cream - too much butter and too little flour in the batter. Though they tasted very good weird looking moon craters wasn't what I was expecting. But it didn't worry me that much because I knew that this can be corrected very easily and my all attention got back on the looks and only on the looks. So shallow. After all, fondant is like carpet it covers all the cracks of the floor.

There are many examples that mistakes shift you in the right direction and many that they don't and you end up like two brave heroes of the fairy tale chasing down hope into the forest and somehow get yourself on the bad witch'es stove as her supper or breakfast depending whether she is morning person or not. And how you tell which one will be the shift? You don't, you just chase one after the other until you end up in the forest and the only thing you can do is choose if you want to call it a day and go back home or you want to chase it deeper into the woods. Are you going to end up on the stove if you chose to chase further more? Nobody knows, instead everybody knows that you can see only when you are already there and either smelling your flesh burn or holding your magic or whatever you were looking for in your hands glad that all mistake after mistake after mistake paid off. So basically you just read what you already knew (that proves my point about the chasing). This time making mistake with the cream gave me the magic of fondant.  

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