Saturday, December 1, 2012

Games we play. Part 4. Bird and jumping snake.

House of floppies. Attic of floppies. Drawer of floppies. They came, occupied big space and after a while started disappearing, slowly giving away their place for bigger forms. It was time to move into a drawer. For ten or more years they were laying there untouched until I came, looked, build a tower, snap snap with the camera and put back to the drawer for another ten years. My story about the joy the other day has stopped, it was getting too long already so I cut the cake in half and decided to prolong the feast next time, this time. 
I bet all games on floppy discs still work, but I don't have a computer which could read them anymore. That's a shame. Oh, I do have that kind of computer, but it's too dead. Oh, again, even if it was still working it's grayscale, so no real fun playing games without colors. My only left hope - internet. 

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