Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jelly madness.

It's not the biggest secret in the world that I love blogs. All story with them started when I came across the idea to have a personal page on the internet but without going through problems of figuring out how to have your own domain and create a nice place with it on web. The name 'blog' started to pop out, blog platforms appeared, they were accessible for bigger audience then those who was fish and felt like fish in internet waters (nerds). 
I realized how much pleasure I find in reading raw and fresh personal thoughts, seeing pictures, feeling and grabbing a bit of real people and their everyday lives (scary, I sound like a peeping tom!). At that time for me it was like digging in a gold mine and finding crumbs of gold everywhere. Naturally at first I had to go through all that mud and by mud I mean blogs which I didn't like. I have to agree that probably those who said that 99% of blogs were shit and only 1% was worth reading, were right. But what I wasn't satisfied with this phrase was, that it got into account mainly only blogs which could make or made money (it doesn't necessarily mean they were worth my time). But it is a discussion for later. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewing origami.

Let's talk cold today. It's obvious that now is the right season to go hunting for one. And I did. Just on weekend I managed to catch it without a gun, traps, dogs or any other trouble. At first I didn't admit that I'm sick and cold is in my hands, doing whatever it pleases. It shivered me, didn't let to sleep at night, wanted to play tickling my throat, raising my temperature (a bit). I really did try to ignore it like an annoying pet. Didn't work. It went uncontrollably wild. What else it was to do, then to become an onion of clothes to avoid it biting me, give it thyme tea and honey that without noticing I could sneak some cold medicine in. Finally it started to surrender. Leash is on and I'm almost good (I'm still angry that it ruined my plans to go and have flu vaccination but it can wait).
Now we can talk about something else. For example warmer wardrobe for a phone. Not mine though. Gift again. I suppose this year gifts' main theme is warmth and no for cold. Why I chose to make a phone case? It was no brainer. I used to have one and still remember that I liked it, because I didn't have to worry putting my phone anywhere were keys, coins and other stuff causing scratching were. For perfectionists like me it was ideal. But gift wasn't about me. Everyone has a phone (or two) so I thought I couldn't go wrong. I kind of miss having a phone case so probably I need to make one just for myself too (we all know how long it will take, because a shoemaker usually is without shoes).

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gift season.

No, I'm not going to talk about Christmas, they are still hundred miles away in my time measurement. It is about October. In my nearest circle, many people chose to be born particularly on this month. And where are birthdays there have to be gifts in my world. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leg warmers.

Temperature is dropping almost every day and I have to admit finally that autumn is here in 
its full power. Brrr. It was time to take my knit needles out of the closet and start knitting. I had in mind one particular thing: leg warmers. While I was keeping my hands busy I thought how many presumptions we have about them. 

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