Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Games we play. Part 3. Meeting computer.

What a day. It felt like an old buried time capsule* landed in my lap just out of nowhere (that's how I call internet). I opened it and canned joyous emotions sprung like birds from cages or oil fountain from the dry land and promised me soul touching music or provided future. What? I'm seeing your raised eyebrow. My joy asks for quick explanation, if my gut feeling is right I'm seconds away from you thinking that I belong to Cuckoo's nest.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Games we play. Part 2. Legacy.

Did you thought that it was over with buttons and memories? Nooo, far from that, more joy is coming.  
My grandfather was a wise man and knew some good tricks how to make an impression on little children like me and catch their attention. One time he showed me a very weird game. I'm not even sure it can be called a game. What was the purpose of this game? No clue either. Though for the little version of me it was fascinating and hypnotizing. The sound, the speed and button turning into a small fast wheel, what could be better? At that moment when I saw it for the first time - nothing. My jaws just dropped.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Games we play. Part 1. Everyday objects and dolls.

Looking back I'm feeling like a seventy year old and torturing my grandchildren with none ending stories about young and glorious days. Stories begin 'when I was young like you are, I used to...', 5 minutes later and no listeners at wide several kilometers range around, I find myself talking alone, enjoying good company and liking the topic. I know the narrative too damn well but don't mind to hear it and to tell it who counts what time again. The story of vivid childhood memories. Even understanding that my brains rewrite memories all the time again and again and everything looks much nicer then it really was, won't stop me from taking this road. I almost can smell, feel, hear and see it. And still I don't. It's just nervous signals trying to remind what is long time gone. When I was young almost like you are...

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