Friday, November 9, 2012

Games we play. Part 2. Legacy.

Did you thought that it was over with buttons and memories? Nooo, far from that, more joy is coming.  
My grandfather was a wise man and knew some good tricks how to make an impression on little children like me and catch their attention. One time he showed me a very weird game. I'm not even sure it can be called a game. What was the purpose of this game? No clue either. Though for the little version of me it was fascinating and hypnotizing. The sound, the speed and button turning into a small fast wheel, what could be better? At that moment when I saw it for the first time - nothing. My jaws just dropped.

I haven't played it for forever. And I wasn't sure that I could gather my magic and make the button spin as it used to. But it was like with the bike once you've learned how to ride you will never forget. I don't know where my grandfather picked up this game, who taught him and how many generations it can go back or maybe it was the invention of a creative mind of his. I never asked.

Intrigued already? It is very simple and all you need is love..oops this time not only this, you need other things too:
- a big button with 2 or 4 holes. I prefer with 4, because it was showed to me with 4 and sometimes it's better to stick with the recipe;
- piece of thread. How long? About 1 meter (39 inches). Better when thread is strong and thick, so you do a good job at searching for a string in your home;
- two hands*.
When everything is gathered, hold the button, run one end of the thread through one hole, the other end through the another hole and knot these loose ends together. 

Take the thread with both hands as the button would be in the middle. 

Spin the button until thread is all rolled up (you will feel pressure on your fingers) and after that push quickly your hands to the sides and back (almost if you are playing accordion). The button should be now jumping, spinning and out-spinning again and you enjoying the music as a happy accordionist. 
Don't get disappointed if it won't happen at first try, try it several times. When I tried myself I got a bit frustrated because it didn't go as my grandfather showed me, but after several attempts I got it and was enjoying button-wheel and from time to time appearing thread loops with the sound Swoooch!

And one more thing - I recommend holding thread with more than one finger (better with three or all of them) because the spinning thread may squeeze it really hard. Ouch!

*if you're a pirate you can do it with your hook hand without a problem!

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