Thursday, February 14, 2013

Her Majesty.

'Your Majesty, there is someone who would like to see you', the butler silently cracked the door open and peeked inside with as much care as he could not to startle the lady.
'Who is it, dear?'
'The Girl, you waited for so long.'
Majesty slightly lifted her hand showing to let her in. And there she was. Little girl with short red dress, bruised knees, untied shoes, smiling and weaving something in her little head. 
'I never thought I will see you ever again.' Majesty uneasy gasped the air. Her hands were slightly shaking which she clumsily tried to hide. 'Long time no see, that would be appropriate words for you.' 
The girl just smiled and stood there in silence. She tilted her head a little bit and quickly traced the surroundings with her sparkly eyes. Her Majesty was living in huge palace. Huge like Jekaterina's Palace in Saint Petersburg. Huge that in order to build it you need to tear down the whole country. Six times. 
'Was it all just because you thought you lost me forever?', girl asked. 
'Other people would pull a rope on their neck and save the world one problem.' 
'Not me. Where were you?', Majesty asked, though didn't expected a straight answer.
'Always with you.'
'What do you mean by that?'
'Think about it for a moment. You always chased me. The closer you got the farther I ran. Even begged me to stay and cried crocodile's tears because you lost me and couldn't find anywhere you looked but I always managed to do a prison brake on you and finally you just gave up and built this huge palace to fill the void...' 
'The heart wants what the heart wants', lady silently tried to explain herself away.
Girl didn't pause, '...but even now when I'm standing right in front of you, you don't think that you have me, you think that I'm a mirage or magic trick or that your eyes are getting too old and it's the final clear image created by your own mind as farewell gift before you will go forever blind. Why is that?'
Majesty had nothing to say, words got stuck in the back of her throat. They were looking at each other.
'Because you always looked for me outside, you always thought of me as existing outside of you, you foolish old woman.'
'I don't understand', Her Majesty was sitting there confused to the pores of her bones. 
'One day you will.'

Valentine's day, huh? Bouquets of flowers riding checkout counter conveyors. Young nerdy boys kneeling in front of the candy shelves in the supermarkets choosing which box of raffaellos says louder when their own voices are too weak 'I love you' and 'I think of you...' ('...constantly, not only when I have nothing to do'). Couples divided LO and VE on their T'shirts. Shops full of kitschy red, pink or fluffy stuff which will go on sale tomorrow. Lonely people rushing as fast as they can to hide from the reminders 'you don't have special significant other', mumbling silently something about consumerism and it's stupid fest, secretly clinching to bars of chocolate for themselves in their big pockets and waiting for the moment when they can put away their poker face masks 'I don't care' safe at home. And still it's a day to remember that love exists and it exists in everyone of us. Cheers one cupcake for you, loving Heart. Or maybe two, Your Majesty.

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