Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cupcake Odyssey.

What's cookin'? Cupcakes. About half year ago. It was Thursday. In the background TV was playing live from the London Olympics. I was alone in the kitchen, contemplating in the pose of Thinker. The rush and heat of the day was subsiding and I was feeling some sort of withdrawal and intoxicating indolence, in big need of a little more kick before the night came in. Evenings are always perfect to bake and tease my neighbors or crows on the roof with the sweet smell of baked pastry leaking from every possible gap in my apartment straight into their noses or beaks. And bake big. Big like binge baking. If 18 cupcakes count as binge baking. 

I was staring and mutely asking ingredients how I bake them into one nice batch of cupcakes which won't do disgrace to any 'I do' event. How? First by standing up. One small step for general mankind and one giant leap for thinkers. I left my chair alone in the horizon of sugar hills, salt rocks, flour mountains and butter rivers. Only soon to be opened Word document with recipes was left standing between baking and thinking. I roughly counted what I need to use. The thing which I did after that wasn't part of baking plan but still crucial before diving into the hell kitchen - turning volume up so I could hear commentator with one ear while working (just in case I won't get lost in the sugar land and familiar voice passionately shouting to run faster will bring me back or at least I won't miss another World or Olympic record). It never get's old - the excuses for multitasking. 
Butter and sugar. Mix. Withdrawal was gone in seconds and replaced by the rush, heat and stress.

Some weeks before when riding in the car very hot July day to see even hotter Chilies, my friend suggested that I will try to make cupcakes for the wedding. It wasn't any more specific than that, I'm not exaggerating: 'try', '...with a little bit of decoration and it will be good...' and simple words of encouragement to crush my little resentment 'Oh, I know that you can succeed'. 
Not always fish is caught when she opens her mouth. Sometimes she gets intrigued by the bait or jumps right into the boat just because she can. I liked cupcakes and baking. I got nothing to lose, just to gain - several kilos after eating all the 'trying' cupcakes.  

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