Thursday, January 24, 2013

Creature(s). Part 3.

It's funny how everything works out. My original plan was simple and short: no. 1 'fix shoe soles', no. 2 'change fabric from violet to green with brown edging'. It didn't include no. 3 'paint dark flowers on the brown leather'. It included itself in the process. Oh, don't get me wrong I don't mind. Actually, it's the best part of creation, because if the original plan and the outcome doesn't differ I hate to tell you but you work in the factory. Or you have better planning and foreseeing the future skills than I do, but I'm better at adapting in the changed circumstances. Or I don't like to announce something as a failure and try as hard as I can to get out of this mess that a sheep would be alive and wolf satisfied. Gosh, it begins to sound too twisted...What I was trying to say, that when process is creative all the way until the end not just plain old technicality I'm really pleased. 
I painted black flowers on dark brown edging. I didn't want to work more days on shoes, but the ability to separate black from brown forced me to. I was in the rush and in the shop accidentally grabbed black shoe laces instead of dark brown. That's how the black hole opened in the color balance. To protect my creatures from being swallowed and my eyes from being hurt every time I looked down I had to create a connection. That's how they got more flowers and a bit of black color that shoe laces won't look like an accident and more like the intention. But we can cross out intention now because I admitted it being a mistake. A good mistake. I don't have much of these.

My job as doctor Shoesenstein was done. Until the next time when I will feel the itch to fix something else. Some may say that I overdo things, complicate my life with unnecessary stuff. Most of the time I don't have much to say back, because probably they are right looking from ordinary life perspective, but I secretly separate myself from this kind of people marking them as those who never had the itch. You know that crazy feeling to do something unexpected, worth raised eyebrows and slowly forming question marks. Something that others may see as the most stupid (creative) thing in the world.As much as I would like to take my renewed shoes for a walk now, forecasted -20 °C degrees outside in upcoming couple of days shakes any crazy ideas like this out of my head. Even tough some gadgets say that it is very hot,I'm not convinced. But spring will come, it is just a full plate of pancakes on Mardi Gras away. 

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