Monday, January 21, 2013

Operation. Part 2.

'Scalpel, please'. The easy part was to choose the green fabric and brown edging. How tricky could it be? I was surprised too that it wasn't at all. The hard part was all the rest. 
Before it got complicated and almost impossible I held a little discussion with myself. 'How do I fix shoe soles with holes?', 'I glue something on it from outside or from within'. 'But what will hold for more than two walks?', 'Nah, it won't work'. 
Square one. 'I change the whole sole', almost got the solution. 'But I don't have soles and have no idea where to find such things', the solution run away. Not for long. I decided to dig more into my 'just in case' and 'one day' part of wardrobe maybe I forgot about something what I got there, something very useful and just right for this problem which will enable me to avoid turning upside down my city while searching for soles altogether.  

The light bulb lit up when I found other shoes, which had still good soles, but were wore out and had sun damaged tops. I was holding on to them for the last trip which would probably include a lot of nature and mud. It was easy to put 2 and 2 together. The trip was just possibility but not an item in my to do list so they were sacrificed for a better purpose.

Just one hour passed while I was trying to put pictures of this whole process and still I see that in the bunch of photos I took I missed one particular moment  - the donors of the shoe soles. I was too eager to start ripping 4 pairs of shoes apart and forgot about documenting it. Children, never try multitasking, it's not good for your skin and sanity. 
We all know that if it is possible to build the house from the scratch better do it than repair the old one. The same goes pretty much with everything. But like with all advises we are so good at giving them to somebody else but so bad at applying to ourselves. I was repairing the house. Cutting, dust, threads and smell of rubber was everywhere. I wasn't far from the truth when joked that violet sneakers were made out of paper. They were made of one fabric, one cardboard and one thin layer of poor rubber. 

Bad parts went to the garbage bin leaving a lot of other small steps of hard work ahead of me. I started with the easy task just in case I won't get encouraged and made my insoles first. It went pretty well and my confidence built up. Though it got scary and hard when trying to attach the soles. Glue here and there and a lot of sewing. An awl became my best friend. Most stitches were sewed by hand, probably it was possible to do more job with the sewing machine (especially the edging), but I was afraid that I will brake my needles or won't be able to make a straight and even thread line. Hooray for perfectionism. My hands didn't say thanks to me, but creatures were almost finished. 


  1. These are pretty cool! Well done.

    1. Thank you! I stopped by your blog and I see that we both have a love for good DIY (and especially when it involves SHOES!!) :)


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