Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leg warmers.

Temperature is dropping almost every day and I have to admit finally that autumn is here in 
its full power. Brrr. It was time to take my knit needles out of the closet and start knitting. I had in mind one particular thing: leg warmers. While I was keeping my hands busy I thought how many presumptions we have about them. 

First, it is a girly thing, more or less for (ballet) dancers or aerobics ladies (that's the first image which comes to my mind when I think about leg warmers: oddly shaped training-swimming suits, leggings, weird Peggy Bundy's* hairstyles and aerobics all day long). Others who will wear them look like one or would like to be one. 
Second, men can't wear them. Polls all over the internet scream that very loud with suggestions to wear stilettos and pink tutus at the same time. I guess at this point I feel a bit nostalgic about good renaissance times (yes, I'm that old, practically a dinosaur) when men were able to wear interesting and eccentric outfits without being ridiculed or called weirdos, gays or hipsters. 
It's a trend - one year it is gone, other year it's coming back like never before. Find yourself with them on your legs not in the right fashion season and you have a tag ‘where were you last year??’. 
Fourth, it is a huge in-your-face-statement - either I don't care what others think or I care too much.

Can it look awesome I ask myself? Sure it can. But of course I have to agree that to pull off a look with leg warmers requires a lot of thought into it. At least if you don't want to be associated with 80's.

But what to do if you can't imagine nice way to implement them into your look or you thought you can, but came home with ‘sweet’ words stuck on your back? There is one way when you can throw out above mentioned presumptions all at once. Why necessarily it has to be a statement and on top of everything? Why not under? Its primer function is to keep legs warm. So wear them under your trousers. What’s the fun then and what about beauty? The fun is like wearing nice underwear - it's not that if something happens you won't feel embarrassed but more like they make you feel confident and with secret which nobody knows: "I'm a spiderman and wearing my fancy colorful costume under my boring everyday suit, I will fly, I will fight and catch some flies, because I can". It's all about the secrecy.

Does it sound a bit cowardly? Yeap, but I think as long as you want to wear leg warmers and feel good, comfortable and you have or see no other option it is a nice way to do it. Because sometimes it is just the things you can't change but the thoughts about those things you can.

*'Married with children'


  1. Oh so this is what you're doing on rainy autumn afternoons :)

    1. What else it is to do when thanks to Chuck Norris autumn came* :)

      *it was once believed that autumn occurred when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked every tree in existence.


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