Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bird's view.

Cupcakes again? My very short answer of 500 words - Yes. What can I do if I'm sweet tooth fairy. It's the last puzzle in my fields of cupcakes piece. The last look from the bird's view. The view when bird flies very high, spots something slightly violet and pink, is intrigued, flies closer, sees shapes and  tries to guess what it is and when he gets even closer 'it's a marching rows of cupcakes!' and at the closest thinks again 'I'll have a good look and decide which is my favourite and which will be eaten first'. if I was a bird, I would totally think that.
Speaking about eating first. Let's make a little detour from cupcakes to the road of first bites. The dilemma of eating the first best or last best in your plate. I usually eat the bits that are my least favourite so I could have a pleasure to dive teeth first into the fantastic at the end, but sometimes everything is just opposite - the most delicious looking disappears first and then those which were second, third and fourth best (we will pretend that I will eat only four cupcakes). And I get frustrated when I forget which way was better the last time I was at the decision making point. If you think about it (probably it's for the best not to think about it too much, because who cares and there are more problems like hunger, lack of water or (cupcake) wars out there to be obsessed with, but still do you ever tried to change your thinking process? I see forest of hands swinging) it seems complicated and funny at the same time. 

Stay with me for a bit and play imagination game: you have a pile of apples. 1/3 are just fresh and delicious, the other 1/3 bit wrinkled and the last one at the decomposition state like two days away. They all are good to eat, though the wrinkly and on the verge are not that tasty as fresh ones. What do you do? Do you take worst in order to save it from going to the garbage or you take the best and throw everything else (because you can't eat only apples unless for no apparent reason you were lured into yet another ill fitted diet)? It all depends on how willing are you to throw food away or sacrifice the very best taste. Pros and cons we all just looove. If you take the worst it is possible that apples in the middle when you will eat them will be at the verge of being in the garbage bin and those good ones will become the ones in the middle so the end result - you won't throw anything out but still won't be eating the best bites, on the other side you will be throwing still kind of good food away. First world problems that it is. And now you have no idea why we made the detour and feel that I was just leading by the nose. Good, welcome to my brain.

My bird who was intrigued by the cupcakes now is lying somewhere on the floor after nervous cupcake eating hearing me blabbering about decisions related with apples. He was too afraid to imagine what it would be if I'll be asked about my thoughts on cupcakes. Another 500 words. Instead I will speak like a clever idioms book about pictures being worth thousand of words. And if you don't understand picture language - cupcakes are great, they are fun to make, fabulous looking and possibilities making them taste or decorating are enormous (if 7 seasons of Cupcake Wars doesn't prove it I don't know what will). 'Gorge in us', they say. Looking haven't harmed anyone or costed +1000 cal yet. 

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