Sunday, January 13, 2013

Magnetic fields.

It's not a coincidence that I'm sitting and writing in my kitchen from time to time staring at the fridge while eating a soup with a small spoon. Not purely for the change of scenery. For inspiration. Many of magnets on the refrigerator are gifts from my friends. Some came from Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, South Korea and USA. Like little flags of countries which me or they, or we visited. Some marks baked pies and mutual hate to one particular learning institution, some were found in bags of Christmas candies or given as a gift to protect from ill-wishing looks. Each can tell a story and I can tell a story about each of them. But today I wanted to write about magnets of my own. If magnets most of the time are associated with going to foreign countries I decided to visit past again and bring something back from it. Because past feels like abroad and I'm a frequent visitor there. Though travels to the past are not the healthiest choice. But if I want to eat a doughnut even if it's not the best choice who's gonna stop me?

The decision to make things not always comes easily. Even though you have all you need - magnets, paints, brushes, clay, paper or glaze. You still need to walk circles in your apartment, to drink several cups of tea or to eat a lot of chocolate which says 'feed your sense of anticipation' or 'indulge in dark' (I just love when chocolate talks like a fortune cookie). I had all and I did all. And was hit by the thought to make magnets with characters from old animation which I liked and remembered (and could find on YouTube). So I did. Found old little movies re-watched some of it, decided which characters I wanted to 'borrow' and rolled up my shirt sleeves. Ok, I didn't do the last one, it was too cold. It all went like a smooth sail until I realized that to choose watercolor and color pencils wasn't the best bet. I have to say the probability to make a mistake making something first time is very high, still every time I expect no mistakes at all and can never be more wrong. 

I wanted to put some glaze to keep drawings intact and it all looked like someone just cried over them several hours. Small animation fellows looked mushy and hardly recognizable. Gasp. It was bad, of course not that much what several hours of repainting with acrylic won't change. When I finished and put all magnets on my fridge the thought to keep all of them to myself crossed my mind but I will always be able to make more and these guys needed to go to new home to tell their stories of me visiting the past land and one little evening with lots of mulled wine, laughter, gifts, strange noises from my vent hood and crisp cold outside. 

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  1. Sitie kurineliai yra ypatingai jaukus, keliantys tiek daug vaikystes prisiminimu :)


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